Solar Fan

Solar Fan

Our retail price is $1 per CFM which is the lowest cost per CFM in the industry.

3&4 in fan

Image of a 3 or 4 inch plastic fan.

On a sunny, warm day, indoor temperatures can rise like an oven.  The CDT Solar Fan is designed to reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 40º F with maximum efficiency and whisper-quiet operation.

The environmentally friendly CDT Solar Fan can provide optimal ventilation to improve air quality, minimize moisture / condensation and reduce energy costs.

–  Easy to install in minutes*, no need for 120V wiring or a city permit.
–  Install fan quickly by attaching to an existing  roof or eave vent without cutting a opening by using only a hook or a nail!
–  Whisper quiet operation at all speeds.
–  Portable – you can take it wherever you need it. 

–  Fan starts automatically whenever the sun shines on the solar panel.
–  Useful life of solar panel and fan is over 20 yrs.

 Use it wherever ventilation is needed:

 • Attic   • Cabin     • Garage    • RV     • Trailer   • Crawlspace

• Boat     • Truck     • Cargo Container  • Van      • Bathroom    • Greenhouse   • Shed    • Basement   • Portable Toilet


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