The following are Frequently Asked Questions by our customers:Where do I find installation guides for CDT Solar products?

We provide the necessary installation guide along with each product we ship. You may also download the following home installation guides for solar panels and solar fans. For RV applications, please use this guide.Are tax credits available for installing a solar fan?

Yes. For details on the latest federal tax credit and local rebate programs, see our Tax Incentives page.
How do I choose a solar fan size that’s right for me?

To figure out the necessary flow rate, first find the volume of the attic or room in cubic feet. Multiply your room volume x 10. Fans are sized in terms of their cfm (cubic feet/minute) output. So, divide your total flow per hour by 60 to get cubic feet per minute.

Required flow rate in cfm = (attic volume x 10) / 60

Review the cfm specifications listed on each solar fan product page to find the fan or combination of fans required to meet your ventilation needs.Does the CDT Solar panel include a 12V (cigarette) adaptor?

Since most of our customers do not use solar panels for automotive applications, we regrettfully do not offer 12V adaptors at this time.  However, you may easily find inexpensive adaptors (under $3) at local electronic stores like Radio Shack or online at Amazon.com.
Does the CDT Solar panel include a charge controller?

We regrettfully do not offer charge controllers at this time. Here is why:

1.  Not all applications require battery charging.  Most of our sales are for non-battery applications such as fans, pumps and lights.

2.  When battery charging is involved, many of our customers already own a charge controller and are merely replacing or adding to an existing solar panel.

Tip: There are many types of controllers on the market to choose from depending on the battery charging application.  Always get a larger amperage controller so you can re-use it in case you need to replace or add a larger sized solar panel.

Also, check out our Customer Support page for additional information.