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  • Excellent Value for Small Panels”I scoured the gambit of solar panel manufactures looking for an affordable solar array in the 10-watt range that was lightweight, robust, and inexpensive. These panels are for use by my freshman this semester for their MEEN 1110 design-and-build project.With only $1,200 to buy sixteen solar panels, each with enough juice to pull a bronze statue, my choices were limited. Options included 10-watt modules from AEE Solar, Uni-Solar, SunTech, and CDT. Analyzing these products using key parameters including price-per-watt and power-to-weight ratio, the CDT-10W panel blew away the competition at $7/watt and about 3 watts/pound.UNT now owns 17 of these panels (16 for the students and one for me to play with), and so far they are an excellent product. They perform as advertised, both under sunlight and artificial light, and have stood up to abuse from students.For tinkerers or hobbyists interested in getting hold of an inexpensive, small-scale solar panel for projects, the CDT-10W is an excellent choice.”Prof. M. Traum, University of North Texas
  • Even Kids Can Use Them”My daughter did a great science experiment using your 5W solar panel. Your product was excellent, reliable, easy to use. The purpose of the experiment was to learn how to use solar energy ( using your panel through a rechargeable battery set up) to power entertainment devices used every day – cell phone, i pod , toys.  In particular was to compare the time to charge versus the usage time for each device –  can you really go 100% green for your every day entertainment needs.
    Truly very revealing and motivating experience.  Helped her gain a much better appreciation of the use of Solar energy and its importance in facing our future energy needs.
    I don’t know if you have an educational portion to your business or to your products, if you do – let me know. I am very happy to share the experiment,  set up, lessons.”Eduardo Alvarez, Lake Forest, Il
  • Great panel at a great price”I have an automatic gate openner which runs on 12V battery which is charged by solar power. I was having trouble with the battery losing its charge because of trees in the area which were blocking the sun. I went to the people who installed my system and they wanted $120 just for another panel. So I began looking on the internet and found these panels. At first I was skeptical because the price seemed too low. Any way I decided to give the company a chance and my battery charging problems are solved without cutting down any trees. I just connected the new panel in parallel with the old. These are definitely high quality panels.”  Terry, Lake Placid, FL
  • Completely Satisfied”I recently ordered the 10w solar  fan  and I love it!  It’s used to cool the ‘attic’ of my 10’x12′ music studio.  Completely satisfied with the product.  Based on its success, I’d like to put a fan in the upper crawl space of my  home (small,about 900sq ft).”Roger Kidd
  • The Best 5W Panel You Will Find”This is simply the best 5W panel you will find – anywhere. Very rugged build quality w/ an aluminum frame and epoxy sealed tempered glass (this thing is *NEVER* coming apart!). The power output also tested better than rated. Compared to other plastic 5W products (which I’ve also owned while they worked), this is a far superior product. My next project will be much larger and I will definitely be ordering  CDT panels again.”L. Mathews, Austin, TX
  • Best Price and Performance”Best price I found from 6 suppliers. It has already more than tripled the life of my battery operated gate opener. I live in WA state where the sun does not shine every day. Also trees shade it for half the day. It is still keeping the battery topped off just above 12 volts. Before I installed it I had to disconnect the battery and bring it into the shop and charge it every month. I am now into my 4th month and it is working great with no external charging other than the CDT 5w solar panel. The 1.5w charger I started with did not work for my application. This one is great I am very pleased.”Sandee Donaldson
  • High-Quality Product
    “I was looking for a few-watt solar panel for my little home project. The idea was to run a couple of ventilation fans in my house’s crawl space, using solar power. Both decent price and thorough technical specs of CDT panel have attracted me. And this product really satisfied my expectations! Panel produces current/voltage as specified. It is sturdy, easy to mount. Thanks to its sealed design, it has survived all kinds of weather during the winter – snow, ice, cold, etc. And right at this moment, it is running those fans! Highly recommended!”Boris D, CO
  • Excellent Craftmanship”My son loves the solar panel! I purchased this solar panel for my son. He had been wanting one for a long time. He said that he loves it! Its a great quality item. And the craftsmanship is excellent! He uses it often. Thank you so much. My son is so happy!”Joy Dubuque, Milton, VT

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